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Claims against Banks’ Business Support Units

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Going from Bad to Worse: Claims against Banks’ Business Support Units

The activities of the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Global Restructuring Group (“RBS GRG”) have been subject to widespread criticism in the media. The headlines have been welcome for affected customers and unpalatable for RBS. But what does it mean for your business?

At Forum, we know how to get behind the headlines. Whether you have suffered at the hands of GRG, or were unfortunate enough to be a customer in Barclays Special Situations/Business Support, Lloyds Global Business Support Unit, HSBC Commercial Recovery Unit or Santander Corporate Restructuring Team, you may be contemplating litigation. We have extensive experience of acting for small and medium-sized businesses against banks which have crossed the line in their treatment of customers. We have dealt with claims that banks have under-valued assets, refused sensible repayment schemes and asset sales, imposed property participation fee agreements (where the bank ends up owning a share in your business), imposed excessive fees and interest charges, as well as other wrongful actions. We know that some of these claims are best pursued as a part of a group action whilst others needed to be handled individually. One size does not fit all. We won’t treat you as just a number because we know the importance of providing a personalised service.

If you think you may have a claim against a bank relating to your treatment by a Business Support Unit, we are able to give you an initial assessment for a fixed fee and if we think that your claim has a realistic prospect of success we will give you clear advice as to the best avenues to take it forward.

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