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At Forum, we understand the importance of making or resisting urgent applications for injunctive relief. Our barristers are regularly instructed in high profile and sensitive applications heard in the interim applications lists of the High Court Chancery Division and Queen’s Bench Division.

From freezing orders to injunctions restraining the presentation of winding up petitions, barristers at Forum offer the expertise necessary to make and defend a variety of injunctive relief applications.

Drawing on the commercial law experience within Chambers, our team is ideally positioned to guide clients through complex areas such as:

  • Worldwide Freezing Orders 
  • Injunctions in relation to Cryptocurrency / Stolen Bitcoin
  • Injunctions in relation to Restrictive Covenants
  • Injunctions in relation to preventing an executor from making distributions of the deceased’s estate
  • Search and Seize Orders 
  • Restrictive covenants and springboard injunctions
  • Insolvency, breach of trust claims and the parameters of fiduciary and directors’
  • Norwich Pharmacal Orders

Barristers specialising in Injunctions

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