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Our barristers are experienced in all forms alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, adjudication, mediation and expert determination.


At Forum, we see commercial arbitration as a quick and efficient way of resolving both domestic and international disputes. We see real potential in initiatives such as the Digital Dispute Resolution Rules and the Financial Services Expedited Arbitration Procedure. Our barristers who act as counsel in arbitral tribunals are all members or fellows of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb). Because of the scope for arbitration to deliver justice more effectively than cumbersome, slow and expensive litigation through the courts, our barristers will consider taking on smaller cases on a fixed fee basis.


Adjudication offers significant benefit for parties looking for a relatively quick resolution of their construction disputes, but we also understand the time pressures that an adjudication brings. Our barristers have ample experience getting to grips with complex disputes in short time frames, acting in teams if necessary.

Arbitration Cases

  • Acting for a Far Eastern crypto-currency exchange in an arbitration brought by its Gibraltar-based IT security provider, in an arbitration subject to the rules of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre
  • Acting as counsel in a domestic arbitration to enforce the rights of a firm of solicitors against its insurance provider
  • Acting as counsel in a domestic arbitration arising out of one party’s retirement from a partnership, involving a challenge to the arbitrator’s jurisdiction and a dispute about the scope of an expert determination clause

Adjudication Cases

  • Acting for a consultant in a series of high-value construction adjudications — one of which ended with a successful challenge to the adjudicator’s jurisdiction — concerning the construction of a large biomass energy plant.

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