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Michael Phillis

Call - 2010 (Australia)
Call - 2017 (England & Wales

Michael Phillis

Call - 2010 (Australia)
Call - 2017 (England & Whales)

Michael has recently joined us as a Barrister at Forum Chambers. Michael has commercial litigation and international arbitration practice. His current court work is typically in the County Court and High Court on commercial and chancery matters. He has extensive experience with commercial court and cross-border litigation, and all forms of ADR.

  • Acted for Lloyds Bank as respondent to application to set aside judgment on the basis of defective service.
  • Acted for commercial lender whose claim was struck out on the papers after directions, apparently by mistake, in restoring the proceedings and recovering costs from the Defendant.
  • Acting for Lloyds and HBOS in approximately 25 PPI mis-selling claims.
  • Application to re-amend particulars after defendant claimed bankruptcy to introduce fraudulent breach of duty cause of action to trigger s.281(3) IA 1986.
  • Opinion on claim to rescind a settlement on the basis of misrepresentation or unilateral mistake arising from allegedly fraudulent valuations.
  • Represent the Appellant in an appeal from automatic strike-out for non-compliant response to a Request for Further and Better Particulars in a dispute between a pharmaceutical firm and a supplier.
  • Acted for Claimant Gibraltar bank seeking leave for service on defendants in UK and Germany.
  • Acted for Claimant undersecured lender with a writ of possession as Respondent in application to stay proceedings where a new claim had been brought by the Defendants which was either res judicata or an abuse of process.
  • Acted for Defendant country’s team in claim by multi-national bank over domestic resources contracts under English law, quantum approximately $100m.
  • Acted for Defendant’s team in multi-jurisdiction group claim with major discovery and foreign law expert elements, in particular junior assistance with submissions with QC oversight.
  • Acted for Claimant’s team in a major infrastructure arbitration with a European seat and English law, quantum approximately £4bn.
  • Acted for Asian bank seeking to enforce personal guarantees against UHNW Defendant in Seychelles, quantum approximately £12m..
  • Application to re-amend particulars after defendant claimed bankruptcy to introduce fraudulent breach of duty cause of action to trigger s.281(3) IA 1986.


  • Appeal from dismissal of application for summary judgment on application of ss. 14A and 32(1) Limitation Act 1980.
  • Urgent equitable winding up of a closely held partnership, with one of two directors holding the company hostage while establishing a competing business.
  • Represent Chabra defendants in a worldwide freezing injunction relating to the purchase of partnership assets during (undisclosed) proceedings.
  • Defend non-CPR application for application set aside of rates liability order made under the Court’s inherent jurisdiction.
  • Application to remove documents and consequential order suppressing the record of proceedings from public inspection in relation to company accounts filed without authority and giving rise to due diligence issues in procurement group.
  • Various applications in bankruptcy.
  • Act for company in liquidation as respondent to application to set aside judgment on new evidence and arguments not raised at prior hearings.
  • Draft opinion and particulars of claim against solicitors for professional negligence in failing to register a registrable interest in a property.
  • Defence and Counterclaim in restitution from possession claim where lender and broker took a 100% uplift brokerage fee charged against property.
  • Barrister, Enterprise Chambers, October 2020 – Present
  • Senior Associate, Travers Smith LLP, January 2020 – October 2020
  • Senior Associate, Clyde & Co, Mar 2018 – January 2020
  • Advanced Diploma in Research Practice and Theory, Cambridge
  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours), ANU
  • Bachelor of Art (Ancient Greek / Philosophy), ANU
  • London Solicitors Litigation Association
  • ICC Young Arbitrators Forum
  • UK Constitutional Law Association
  • Solicitors’ Wine Society (UK)
  • Insolvency and Reconstruction Law Committee, Law Council of Australia
  • Australian Postgraduate Award (2011)
  • ANU Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Postgraduate Research (2012)
  • International Association of Research Universities Corporate Leadership Programme (2012)
  • Visiting Researcher, Sciences Po, Paris
  •  Visiting Researcher, Queens University, Belfast
  •  Judge, Sir Harry Gibbs Moot