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Professional Negligence

As a boutique and groundbreaking commercial litigation set, Forum Chambers is uniquely placed to empathise with businesses aiming to grow in a subdued economy.

We understand that in the modern economy, businesses increasingly depend upon high quality external professional input in order to thrive. Businesses need accountants, auditors and legal professionals to advise on the growing regulatory burden, IT and telecoms professionals to assist with electronic infrastructure and financial advisors, brokers and insurers to fund and protect the business. When professionals provide inadequate service the loss and damage can be devastating.

We also understand that the challenges of investment in a digital economy mean that investors are reliant on being given clear advice about which investments are suitable for them and what risks they are taking. We are experts at framing claims, either on behalf of high net worth individuals or for groups, to recover losses where there has been a fraud or for some other reason the investment has failed

We have made it our business to be experts in claims for and against the professional sectors. We have unrivalled market knowledge in litigation funding and ATE insurance, which enables us to resolve disputes as cost-effectively as possible, minimising the disruption caused by litigation and insulating businesses from the risks of losing at trial.

Forum Chambers’ professional negligence work builds upon and complements our excellence in assisting investors, SMEs, domestic and European banks, insurers and other financial institutions in banking and financial services work following the coronavirus crisis.

We undertake a wide range of professional negligence cases each year, from multi-million pound claims arising from the collapse of collective investment schemes (UCIS); class actions in claims for solicitors’ negligence, and private claims against Independent Financial Advisors, mortgage and insurance brokers, and their professional indemnity insurers.

Professional Negligence Cases

  • Baltic House / Angelgate / North Point Pall Mall– class action for claims against conveyancing solicitors arising out of failed developments in the North of England marketed to investors from East Asia.
  • Claims against an accountancy firm for poor tax advice given to a high net worth individual.
  • Claims against an IFA network for commission-driven pension and investment advice.
  • Loss of chance claim against a national firm of solicitors involving negligence in the conduct of interest rate swap litigation.

If your business is in dispute with a professional service provider

Our barristers are often instructed at the preliminary stages of a dispute to shape the potential litigation to come. Our early intervention often results in an amicable resolution of disputes avoiding the need for costly litigation.

It may be that the professional service provider that has let you down has gone out of business. Our barristers regularly pursue claims before the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Successful claims to the FSCS can minimise losses upon the demise of a negligent professional company. Having advised insurers and funders for many years on the merits and strategic handling of legal disputes. We know the type of cases a funder or insurer is likely to support and the terms on which they will do so.

Instruct one of our barristers directly for an early opinion. Contact clerks@forumchambers.com to discuss.

If litigation is inevitable, we have a thorough understanding of the legal services market, Solicitors whose clients are in dispute with a professional service provide

Litigation can be won or lost prior to the issue of proceedings and there are a myriad of issues to consider: Is the claim time-barred? What is the value of the claim? Should an expert be instructed on liability and quantum? What type of expert is necessary? Is counsel’s opinion required in order to obtain funding? How is the client going to fund all of this?

We are experienced in advising upon these complex questions to best shape professional negligence claims. All of our barristers are willing to discuss and direct you at an early stage during a no obligation conversation. Contact Conor Fagan for details, cfagan@forumchambers.com

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