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Forum Chambers welcomes applications for a Third Six Pupillage

Forum Chambers welcomes applications for third six pupils, such that an application may be made for full tenancy during or at the conclusion of the pupillage. Forum is proud of its record of recruiting barristers who do not fit out-dated stereotypes. At this time we are especially keen to consider applications from women and from ethnic minorities underrepresented at the Bar. We are also interested to receive applications from those who have originally qualified as solicitors or in another jurisdiction.

Forum is a dynamic, collaborative and diverse commercial set of Chambers. Our members practise across the range of commercial law including banking and financial services, professional negligence, civil fraud and insolvency.

Forum has taken on 100% of its third six pupils since its start in 2015. We recruit for potential, provide guidance, supervision and feedback during a third six pupillage, and then offer long term mentoring to enable our new tenants to develop successful careers in Chambers’ core areas of practice.


Applications should be made to clerks@forumchambers.com and be made no later than 10am on 28th July 2023.

  • A covering letter 
  • A curriculum vitae 
  • List of pupil supervisors to date and at least 2 references. 
  • A schedule of work undertaken during pupillage 
  • We will expect to see at least 3 pieces of work undertaken during pupillage, one advice, one particulars of claim and one skeleton argument (anonymised for GDPR purposes and confidentiality purposes)


  • Forum Chambers operates an Equality and Diversity Policy in accordance with the Bar Code of Conduct and the equality and diversity requirements of the Bar Standards Board.
  • Forum Chambers welcomes applications from all backgrounds and will not discriminate against any candidate. Forum Chambers pro-actively applies fair recruitment processes and standards. All applications are considered strictly on merit.


Applications should be made to clerks@forumchambers.com and be made no later than 10am on 28th July 2023.

If you require our services in legal areas akin to those considered above, or in any other of our areas of practice and expertise, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by phone, email or contact form below.