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Forum Chambers Barristers editing Encyclopaedia of Banking Law

Several barristers from Forum Chambers have had the honour of being selected to edit and update the Encyclopaedia of Banking Law.

The Encyclopaedia of Banking Law is the number one, expert, and most comprehensive source for modern English law relating to domestic and international banking.

Forum is a leading Commercial Litigation Set of Chambers with our members specialising in Banking, Financial Services, Insolvency, Civil Fraud, Professional Negligence, and more.

The contributing barristers and the chapters of the Encyclopaedia of Banking Law that they are editing/updating include:

David McIlroy

Head of Chambers | Call – 1995

  • The Relationship of the Bank and the Customer
  • Domestic Banking Operations
  • Payment and Payment Systems
  • Securities
  • The Effect of Insolvency on Banking and Finance Transactions

Lloyd Maynard

Call – 2010

  • Freezing Injunctions
  • Other Forms of Injunction
  • Interest Rate Swaps and Foreign Exchange Swaps

Ruhi Sethi-Smith

Call – 2012

  • Disclosure Orders
  • Payments and Payment Systems
  • Digital Cash
  • Taking Security Over Insurance Policies Other Than Life Insurance
  • Wealth Management

Clyde Darrell

Call – 2014

  • Taking Security Over Life Insurance Policies
  • Taking Security Over Shares
  • Taking Security Over a Credit Balance

Jonathan Lester

Call – 2016

  • The Bank’s Lien
  • Limitation of Actions
  • Third-Party Debt Orders
  • Sequestration

Michael Phillis

Call – 2010 (AUS) | Call – 2017 (UK)

  • Banks as Constructive Trustees
  • Appropriation of Payments
  • Combining Accounts: The Bank’s Right of Set-Off

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